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Book Reading Habit of Future Leaders

Book Reading Habit of Future Leaders

Book Reading Habit of Future Leaders

Dealing with this topic in-depth let’s have a little drill before it. Just try to recall when the last time you were with the book? You have learned something new, enjoyed the pleasure of something, fulfilled your curiosity, and had a mental exercise. Undoubtedly, all of these facts are related to the habit of book reading.

We are moving towards the digital era, with immense speed. In all the chaos of digitalization and modernization, we have left far behind one of the most important habits of ours that is book reading. In a survey conducted by an organization when students are asked the basic reason for book reading. They had to, for information related to the subject was the answer of more than 90%. Students.

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Our young generation is getting away from books. The reasons for this gap, digital media and social media definitely in the first place. Secondly, we have stopped to inherit reading culture from our elders. Even if we try to analyze our school systems. They are strictly following their courses and their drills. They have no concern to introduce students to libraries and enable them to choose books of their own choice, not just for a compulsory reading but for getting pleasure and entertainment out of them.

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We can still help our new generation to inherit the habits of book reading. Our simple and effortless steps towards the goal are needed. We had to introduce students to libraries and the books belong to different fields in which they might be interested. According to a medical study the people who don’t have any interest in reading books during that time of youth, can’t develop that interest in old age.

Let’s discuss some of the benefits we get from book reading:

  1. Mind Sharpens:

The sharpness of your mind is increased as your brain gets stimulates when you interact with words and especially the storylines of the book. It enables you to be able to critically analyze things with more concentration.

  1. Release Stress:

Book reading is a habit that can melt away all the stress you are having out of the tiresome and boring routine of the day. As soon as you will start reading a book, the words will help you to relieve your mind at rest releasing it from the pressure of the day.

  1. Vocabulary:

One of the very key feature to start your journey towards intellectuality. New words are added to your vocabulary, enabling you to use them intellectually in your dialogues and writings.

  1. Improves Memory and Focus:

It is proved that a regular reading habit can improve the memory and the focus of your brain. The reading habit stimulates respective parts of the brain which helps you to increase your memory and ability to focus.

  1. Antidepressant:

Books have also proved themselves to be antidepressants. The patients of depression can relieve their minds by reading good books of fear their interest. They lower your stress levels and make your depression go away working as an antidepressant agent.

  1. Creativity:

Books help increase creativity in our brains. While reading different kinds of stories, novels, newspapers, one can come across many different kinds of characters. You learn about their stories, their creations, and they act to you as a kind of boost for the imagination and creativeness of your own.

  1. Entertainment and pleasure:

Books don’t need to be boring. One can have books of his interest, like action, thrillers, or entertainment. They certainly bring a kind unexplained pleasure and entertainment to the readers. Such entertainment and pleasure can lead you to have an everlasting habit of book reading.

  1. Help Sleeplessness:

We might have often listened from our friends that they fall asleep while reading a book. It is true books can help you in sleeplessness and even they can boost your sleep by relieving and de-stressing your mind.

In the end, I want to conclude one line that a home that is without books is just like that tree having no birds to sing.


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