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If you can’t lead safety, you can’t lead business

According to Marcus Hooke, Executive General Manager for Production and Logistics at News Corp, ‘safety is hard to lead but it’s the most important thing to lead and everything else flows after that.’
 With more than 20 years’ experience in operational leadership, and a lot of knowledge driving work health and safety for improving operational outcomes, Mr Hooke says ‘if you’re trying to build a culture or an environment in a workplace, you start with safety. Then you focus on your people. Then your efficiencies and your costs flow through.’
‘If you can’t lead safety then you actually can’t lead a business. You can’t lead for efficient production. You can’t lead for quality production.’
‘When we get safety wrong, everything else goes wrong,’ according to Mr Hooke.
The Safe Work Australia virtual seminar series features Mr Hooke with Diane Smith-Gardner, chair of Safe Work Australia, Dean Pritchard, non-executive director of Broadspectrum, and renowned journalist, Jennifer Hewitt, discussing why big business needs to lead on work health and safety.


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