Create Motivational Study Space at Your Home


Create Motivational Study Space at Your Home

A motivation for studies is proved to be important in recent researches. Mostly we had to struggle for a proper motivation when we try to study. It happens quite often that we are supposed to study something important for our academics, but we end up watching videos on social media, texting to our friends or just playing games. One more problem we face is that our thoughts start getting productive at those things which are not important.

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So all the above-mentioned problems can be removed by creating a motivational study space at our home. Many studies have proved this that the context or the place in which we are studying affects our memory to remember that information. To have a good environment of steady becomes more important for students who are learning healthcare and engineering. They sometimes had to count every second of their passing time.

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No matter which major subjects you have selected, how much concentration, you need to memories your subject information in any kind of situation, a motivational study space can help you in better understanding of your books. To create such space at your living place try to follow these simple steps:

  1. Choose one place:

You had to select a room or an area of your house as your study space. Try to have this place isolated from the rest of the house. You also have to decorate your study space with different colors. Mostly the study appears to be a very stressful and boring thing in the lives of students. So you should decorate your study space with attractive colors and decor to deal with your stress. Try to decorate your place as you like it to be, which will appeal you in case you get stressed from studying.

This will have one more positive effect on you. As soon as you will enter this place, your mind will automatically start generating impulses to do some study in this place which will certainly help.

  1. Recreating study environment:

One should try to recreate a study environment at his study space similar to his college or university. Students will be able to remember things more in a place that is similar to their classrooms or lecture rooms.

One cannot create the whole classroom at his home, but he can create a somehow similar environment. You should take care of creating the same temperature, smell or noise and you can also have books racks full of books and motivational quotes and statements on your walls.

  1. Comfortable Place:

Study space at your house should be a bit comfortable than your school, but not too comfortable to get good sleep. You are not in your College, University, which will make you a bit relax. On the contrary, if you increase the comfortability of your study space similar to your bedroom it won’t work. So do get comfortable you don’t have to be in uniform, you don’t have to sit for long, boring lectures, but the comfort, which enables you to focus on your study.

  1. Natural light:

Try to have some access to natural light in your room. It is the basic nature of humans to love natural light, which gave them a sense of nearness to nature. Only slight reflection of natural light could be a positive addition to your study space. It will bring a real warmth you want to get from nature.

  1. Avoid light:

You should keep your study space full of light that is necessary for reading. The tip one should consider is not to face direct light. A direct light shining to your eyes often distract you from your studies.

So when you are creating one study room for yourself be careful about the placement of the lights for reading purpose. The light behind you will be more effective, which will illuminate your textbook from over your shoulder.

If you are using a table lamp the recommended positioning is that your base lamp light should be at the level of your chin. This will keep the source of light away from your eyes.

  1. Get Rid of Music:

Although most of the students think they can study well with the light sensitive music. Music can make your mood good but if you are paying attention to lyrics than you will learn song instead of your book.

So it is recommended to avoid music in your study room because while taking the test there won’t be any kind of music. The type of music matters not. In any case, the words of the song will take your mind off from words on-page.

  1. Get Nature:

To keep yourselves close to nature try to get some indoor green plants, easy to maintain. Something alive and green will make your study room pleasant. And the plants can make your environment more peaceful and healthier for breathing.

  1. Avoid Distractions:

Here distraction includes all those devices and means which can distract you away from your goals. Try to turn off your mobile phones, keep your tablets and social media devices away, don’t install any television or LED in your study room. As much as you will avoid these kinds of distractions. Your study space will be a better place to study.

  1. Be Positive:

Mostly, there are a lot of negative things associated with studies. In reality, there is no negativity about studying. It is just the way, our brain thinks. One should always remember that study is a good thing, it is going to help them out of difficult situations, their future carrier based on these studies. So you can think of many such reasons to be positive about your studies.

  1. Study Space Only for Studying:

Sometimes after creating good healthy study space, you will start loving it. That place will become the most favorite place in your apartment for you. And you will try to spend most of your time in that place. Doing so you will forget the real purpose of this room.

You will try to do the rest of the things also here. You would like to watch your TV programs, chat with friends, and having your meals.

So it is very important to use your study space only for studying not for anything else. If you will make it designated for study, you will be able to preserve its natural association for learning. For the rest of the activities, you should leave your study room. Just consider it a break for recharging your mind until next session.


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