Get Motivated and Search For Inspiration

Get Motivated and Search For Inspiration

Get Motivated and Search For Inspiration

Some people mistake inspiration for motivation. They consider both words to be a synonym to one another. In reality, it is not so motivation comes from a different source, and we are inspired by others. Today everyone wants some kind of motivation and yet some of us cannot acquire it. They don’t understand how motivation works.

Let’s discuss motivation and inspiration separately:

What is Motivation?
We can define motivation as a pulling force from outside. For example, someone wants to do exercise to lose some weight. On the other hand, he feels like the weather is very cold, the exercise will hurt him and above all, he doesn’t have time. In such a case, we need some strong motive or reason to pull ourselves towards exercise. This force of reasoning and motive is the pulling force known as motivation. The motives in the case of exercise will be to lose weight, get fit and have some fresh air, etc. It doesn’t matter whether you are using word motive or reason motivation emerges out of that. Without having any solid reason or motive one can’t acquire motivation.

What is Inspiration?
When we talk about inspiration
. It is a different process. We have often listened that a listener, a book, a song, a person inspires us. So whatever that thing which inspires us is, it is related to our soul and it has a connection to our state of being more productive, excited, and purposeful. To awaken our inspiration we need to realize the very basic purpose of our lives. Once, it is realized the inspiration for that purpose will lead the rest of our lives.

Origin of inspiration.
It is a Latin word “inspirare” which means divine guidance or inner spirit. So inspiration is the thing we can feel from inside and motivation is a pulling force from outside, which compels us to complete certain actions.

Now we can define motivation as a pulling force and inspiration as a driving force.

Sometimes people have a wrong concept about the motivation that only lazy people need to get motivated and also they thought inspiration for only those people who are productive to get better results. This whole concept is wrong. Every human being can equally take benefit from motivation and inspiration. An example can make it clearer:

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I need to raise $1000 for the student charity program. They need funds desperately because they need to help out needy students to buy their books at the start of the year. To help such students they need to raise $1000 this month.

The motives behind this charity program are to help needy students. That is the pulling force making me raise funds for charity.


Raising money for charity makes me feel helping needy students to get new books. My contribution to this charity helps me to practice my core values reminding humanity within me.

Here comes the driving force, which forced me to contribute to the help of needy students. It makes me feel my basic humanity as a human being.

Some people consider inspiration to be good and motivation as a bad thing. We should remember here that neither inspiration nor motivation is bad. Both forces help to push us forward to our path of success. No matter whether we are having motivation for searching for inspiration.

Inspiration always helps us to be grateful and inspired from inside. This is always a driving force originated from our soul.

In the case of motivation, we have reasons to do the right things. We always know the right things which are in our favour, actually giving us motives to move forward.

In short, we can describe motivation as your idea which you carries to the conclusion. Inspiration, on the other hand, is the idea of someone else driving you to the conclusion.


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