Qualify Now, With No Further Study*

The RPL process can be a powerful awakening and confidence-boosting experience for those who take for granted their competence and go about their daily activities without realising the value of the skills and knowledge underpinning their actions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Recognition is the process by which your existing skills, knowledge and experience gained throughout your life, regardless of how they have been acquired, are recognised towards the achievement of a nationally recognised qualification or statement of attainment.

You will have your skills recognised:

  • It saves you time in achieving a qualification as you do not have to repeat learning for skills and knowledge you already have
  • It reduces time spent to gain a qualification by not undertaking unnecessary
  • It enables you to identify gaps in your knowledge and skills and therefore any
    learning that needs to occur to meet the requirements of a particular job role
    or qualification.
  • It is a more affordable option to qualify through RPL, as we are able to qualify people with less cost per person, as they are not attending classes.
Recognition can result in the awarding of a nationally recognised qualification or in the issuing of a Statement of Attainment for part of a qualification rather than a whole qualification. You may not need a whole qualification depending on your job role, so a Statement of Attainment may be more relevant to you.


  • If you are comfortable you can provide the evidence and understand the process for RPL, then inform ACSE you wish to enrol.
  • You will complete the enrolment process and negotiate your payment plan arrangements.
  • You will have your first interview so we can ask some questions of you, provide you with some further guidance and issue you with an RPL kit.
  • The RPL kit will be explained in full. You use the kit to make a self assessment of your skills against the performance criteria and required knowledge. You will also provide a Third Party kit to a Supervisor or Manager who can also assist with verifying your skills.
  • You will be given some advice about the key pieces of evidence to provide.
  • We do not set a timeline for RPL as it is your responsibility to gather sufficient evidence and the sooner that occurs, the sooner we can make a decision on whether to grant full or partial RPL or advise on some gap training.
  • You will then commence gathering your evidence in your own time at your own pace. Although we do not set a timeline, we encourage you to complete the evidence gathering process within one month.

Return all completed evidence and documents to ACSE via post or scanned and zipped file or shared link (Dropbox, Google Drive). Ensure you send back at a minimum:

  • Completed Candidate RPL Kit
  • Completed Third Party RPL Kit
  • Workplace Hours Logbook (if required to demonstrate your 240 hours of work placement)
  • Verified copies of all your evidence, clearly labelled as per instructions in the RPL Kit.
  • Verified copy of your First Aid Certificate for HLTAID004 Provide an emergency first aid response in an education and care setting, if you are claiming Credit Transfer for that unit.
  • A current Resume or CV.

A trainer/assessor from ACSE will contact you as soon as all evidence has been reviewed and mapped and ask you to attend a second interview. This will normally be within 14 days of receiving the evidence. This interview can be in person, telephone or via video call.

  • At the interview you will be advised of the assessment outcome.
  • You will either be granted:
    • Full RPL and issued with your nationally recognised Diploma; or
    • Partial RPL and a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment toward your Diploma
  • If you are given partial RPL, you will be explained why and given the option and time to seek further evidence or be given the option to do some study to close the gaps which have been identified.

ACSE will issue you with your Australian Diploma level qualification or Statement of Attainment. These will be posted out or sent in electronic copy within 14 days of your second interview and being given your assessment decision.

The qualifications are accepted nationally as part of the Australian Qualifications Framework and also held in high regard internationally, coming from the Australian VET educational system.