Virtual Classrooms the Future of Education?

Virtual Classrooms the Future of Education

Virtual Classrooms the Future of Education?

Today the whole world is going through great pain because of the pandemic of COVID-19. With many other things, the education department is the one which is most affected by the COVID-19. Is this whole thing which we are experiencing is going to change our vision for future education? One of the most reliable and getting popular in our virtual classrooms.

This pandemic COVID-19 has proved itself as a test case to human beings. So in the near future, our educational system is going through a great evolution. Let’s have some introduction to virtual classrooms.

How to define a virtual classroom?

We can define virtual classrooms as an online learning facility, which gives us an opportunity to have live interaction with our tutors, as well as we can participate with other students in several learning activities.

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One can take it as a shared online space in which students and their teachers are able to work simultaneously around the clock. The interaction mostly is through video conferences. Students are given assignments with due dates. Similarly, online tests are given to them. It is possible that assignments and tests can vary from student to student. So that students cannot manipulate them.

While the teacher is delivering a lecture and online whiteboard in the form of real-time collaboration is available. It is just like you’re sitting in a classroom with a lot of other students and having a live lecture in front of you.

If anyone has a question, he can ask on instant messaging tool. The question appears on the teacher’s screen as soon as it is posted, leaving it up to the teacher either to answer on the spot or after the lecture.

Activities based on groups are also possible. Teachers can make several groups of classroom-based on the intellectual of students. And the students of one group can have a debate among themselves on different topics. They can share their ideas, they can help others with their learning, and they can solve problems and all that which you can do in a real classroom.

Virtual classrooms have proved themselves highly interactive. They are helping a lot of students in collaborative learning. This whole idea of a Virtual classroom is actually a student-centered way of education. So the student is the one having all the attention here. Students are able to present their presentations, they can have their questions answered, they can have a live interaction, they can have debates in groups, and they can participate in group activities, in all psychological and safe environment of their house.

In this situation we are going through these classrooms have a lot of positive feedback. Our educational institutions are racing towards this system. In the end, we can conclude that “Yes, virtual classrooms are going to be the future of our educational system”.


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