CHCSS00074 Child Protection

CHCSS00074-Child-Protection Skill Set

CHCSS00074 Child Protection Skill Set

CHCSS00074 Child Protection: Overview

Across the globe, children are vulnerable to exploitation, violence, and abuse. National conflicts and natural calamities have left millions of people to migration and displacement. On the other hand, child marriage, trafficking, and child labor are key concerns in many countries. This all-inclusive course will provide you with real insights into the current situation and what steps are required to eradicate the child’s rights violation from roots.

The comprehensive CHCSS00074 Child Protection Skill Set aims at assisting learners in how to contribute to vulnerable or affected children. We provide students with advanced tools, information, and resources to better assess child protection risk issues. At the same time, you will learn how to strengthen child protection policies for improved decision-making. With multiple interactive scenarios, different phases of child welfare will be covered. Students will be asked decision-making questions in the best interests of the child. With gradual progress through the course, you will find many general principles for child wellbeing in emergencies, child labor, sexual violence, etc.

What You Will Learn?

In this skill set, students will have in-depth knowledge regarding dynamic causes and consequences as a result of child protection failure. You will study and evaluate the international laws, state regulations, and strategic approach required to protect the rights of children. Subsequently, learners can associate legal guidelines and child-rights strategies to work with lawyers & advocates, educators, policymakers, law enforcement agencies, and social workers. You can be an important part of the worldwide community of learners to master child-centered strategies in effectively preventing and responding to abuse, violence, and exploitation against children.

  • Origin of child protection according to the international human rights law.
  • Evaluate worldwide child protection problems and the involvement of the state in child protection.
  • Impact of violence, abuse, and exploitation on a child’s physical and psychological development.
  • Analyzing current and upcoming strategies to prevent and respond to these concerns.
  • Standards of protection as a whole.
  • Evaluation and strengthening the child protection system.

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A career in Child Protection

Considering the current situation, there are several opportunities in the extensive field of children’s welfare. Child protection workers are always on the front lines in the war against child abuse. Nevertheless, it can be a progressive and healthy source of income as well. Below we have listed a few options you may want to consider:

  • Community health worker
  • Family therapist
  • Child rehabilitation specialist
  • Education or school counselor
  • Social service assistant
  • Behavioral counselor


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